Do the vehicles come with seatbelts?

Yes, wearing seatbelts is compulsory, not a choice, and seatbelt and child restraint laws apply in South Australia.

Do you have after-hours collection/drop off?

We sure do!  We have a key locker for bus collection and a hole in the office door for key drop. We will send an email with all the instructions once we have full payment and copies of licences sent to us.
Can we leave a car at your depot?

We have parking spaces at the front near our office and out the back along the fence that runs parallel with the expressway.  If there are none available (very rare), please make sure you find a spot that will not be in the way of the driveways or buses that may need to get out.

Can you deliver to the Airport?

Yes, we can deliver to and collect from the airport.  Please contact our staff for more information.

Can I drink alcohol on the bus?

When we charter a group – No.  If you are self-driving, you will have to apply for a limited liquor licence.  This must be purchased online at least 2 weeks prior to the date of travel. Please visit www.cbs.sa.gov.au for more info.

Do we need to clean the bus before we bring it back?

A quick tidy up of rubbish and a floor sweep if needed please, we can do the rest.  A fee will be charged if excessive cleaning is required.

What do I do if the bus breaks down?

Please call the office if inside office hours or our after-hours mobile on 0418 336 800

We have had an accident – what do I do?

If an accident happens with another vehicle and the police do not need to be called, you’ll need to write down or take a photo of the other driver’s licence, their number plate, phone number and any photos of the damage caused.

You will be required to fill out an incident report when you return, and the manager will follow it up.

Can we bring walking frames and prams on the bus?

We can cater for foldable walking frames, prams, and foldable wheelchairs by hiring a trailer.  It is not safe to have these inside the vehicle.

What are our payment options, and do you require a bond?

50% or 1st day rental cost is due upon booking.  We can take credit card over the phone or money can be deposited into our bank account.  The balance (if any) is due 1 week prior to travel.  Bond amount of the insurance excess ($3,000, $800 or $550) is required if the full amount has been paid without a credit card (debit card or bank transfer), this will be refunded to you once the bus has been brought back in satisfactory condition.

What is Insurance Excess?

If you are unfortunate and are involved in an accident, all buses are covered with a If you are unfortunate and are involved in an accident, all buses are covered with a $4,700 excess, meaning you will need to pay $4,700. You can reduce the excess further by paying $40 per day to reduce to $2,000.

What is your cancelation policy?

Where less than 1 weeks’ notice is provided: 1 day rental cost

Do the buses have storage?

Unfortunately, there is no storage in any vehicle. We advise towing a trailer (rent one of ours or pop on your own) if you have all seats occupied.

Do your buses come with car seat anchor points?

All our vehicles have 2 anchor points installed.  If you require more, please let us know and we can pop more in for you.

Can I tow my own trailer?

Yes, all our vehicles (besides our wheelchair access van) have tow balls fitted.

Can we have more than 1 driver?

Yes. We do not charge extra; however, we do require copies of all drivers’ licences on file.
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